Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Vienna Fable

*Please note this is a side fanfic of the SP world. It introduced a new oc of mine. So new her BIO is not set up yet. Soon though I will do a Bio on her.

In a picturesque spot where mansions lined the street, one building rose majestic above the others. It's front lawns well manicured with lush gardens and spectacular fountains drew admiring glances of those passing by. Colors blazed across the splendid home, a reflection of the sinking sun. All was quiet as dusk descended. Streetlights began to turn on. The warm lights glowing, illuminating the brick street damp from an earlier rainfall. It provided an extra magical aura, enchanting the eye who whoever was lucky enough to be nearby.

Then breaking the sweet silence came a noise dreadful and alarming. Angry cries erupted from the Sutherland House as the grand double doors burst open and a young woman was dragged out. The man who grasped her cruelly by her soft upper arm was none other then Bill Sutherland himself. The young heir to the family fortune he was clever, ruthless, and always got his way.

“Please!” The young woman sobbed and screamed. “Don't do this! Don't take my child from me!”

Lady Star Sutherland looked down with disdain at the pitiful figure of her former daughter in law.

“Hurry and be rid of this creature.” She urged her son, tight lipped. “She is making a fuss and drawing unwanted attention.”

“The child is no longer yours.” Bill said mildly, his face a mask of untroubled steel. “You are no longer needed. Now go before I have you tossed into jail.”

“But I'm your WIFE!” She cried, tears pouring from her tired eyes. “ I just gave birth to our child! How could you do this to me?”

“You WERE my wife.” He sneered at her as he tossed her the rest of the way out.”You stopped being my wife approximately three minutes and forty two seconds ago.”

He motioned back behind him towards a tall man, his lawyer who watched the proceedings unconcerned.

”You now have two minutes to get off my property or else you will find yourself arrested.” Bill nodded and looked over her head beyond her. Frightened she turned to see a cop car sitting outside the gates, waiting to take her away if she did not comply.

Stumbling to her feet she swayed with exhaustion, her legs still trembling after just giving birth. Wearing only a thin dress as a covering she wrapped her slender arms around herself against the cold and stumbled down the regal steps of the mansion then down the driveway. Teeth chattering more in shock then the cold she passed by the hard unyielding policeman who watched her reproachfully. Out of sight she walked, her long honey colored hair, still soaked with sweat from a long and difficult labor, waved harshly in the wind.

Later that night when all was silent and the memories of that disgraceful girl were long put out of everyone's mind, a figure crept over the wall. Clumsily but determinedly the dark figure darted across the lawn. Even fatigue could not sway the heart of a mother who longed for her baby.

Stealthy she climbed the trellis that lead up to where the nursery was. Silent she watched as the wet nurse did her job coldly. The mother sighed and hugged herself to stop the ach from the act of nature that was denied. No song was sung to the infant so tender by the stranger holding the baby. Once finished the tiny infant girl was placed in her bassinet and the wet nurse left, deaf to the pitiful little cries.

From the window the young mother softly sang, and a magic deeper then anything responded to her heart. A veil of protection and comfort descended around the child quieting the sad cry.

The mother looked on the child she had not been able to name or even hold. Alice Sabrina Sutherland. It was a pretty name. But not the most important name. The mother smiled and once more drew on a deep magic as she whispered the words.

“I, Vienna Fable give to my daughter her taken name till she can choose for herself. From this day forward, her name will be Ophelia Fable.”

Night after night she managed to sneak back into the yard, using magic to hide her presence. The routine was always the same. By the window she would sing once the wet nurse was gone. Her arms and body ached to hold her child.

But then one stormy night everything was different. A tall skinny man dressed in a trench-coat barred her way.

Lightning flashed to reveal a skeletal face and fear griped her heart. She knew who this was.

“Detective Pleasant,.” She nodded respectfully but stuck out her chin determinedly. “Are you here to arrest me?”

“Well, you are trespassing.” He said mildly as he studied her. “If you come along quietly I will not have to use handcuffs.”

For a moment she hesitated then she turned to dash for the wall that kept her from her daughter. A girl came out of the shadows then and elbowed Vienna sharply in her soft belly. With her air knocked out of her Vienna fell to the pavement in pain.

“Big mistake.” Valkyrie said and she looked down at the writhing young women. “Now you will have to be handcuffed."

With out another word Skulduggery hand cuffed Vienna then hauled her up and led her away.


  1. *hugs Kal tightly* This is so sad! I hope things work out for poor Veinna and Ophelia :/

    Fantastic writing, as always ^^ I hope these new shorter chapters are less stressful ^^


  3. Wow! I jus love your writing! You write so incredibly well!
    The story is so sad ~hugs Vienna and little Ophelia~
    I hope it'll work out!

  4. This is truely amazing Kal.
    The descriptions are absoluterly astonishingly good. I always struggle with descriptions but your's are just...epica (stealing hellboys word) And I can't believe Kal and Skulduggery are being so harsh!

  5. *hugs Kal tightly and kisses her*

    You write such amazing haunting stories. This one is so sad and meaningful. I love your writing so much. You have a lot of talent.

    Bravo on this short story.