Thursday, February 9, 2012

Vienna Fable part 3

Skullduggery Pleasant lead her to a middle aged judge who sat waiting for her in a private room. His face was somber but not unkind. Vienna looked on in surprise as the skeleton detective took off the handcuffs.
“It was just protocol.” He said with a shrug. Then he added as he turned to face the judge. “Besides, it’s not like you can go anywhere. There are cleavers waiting outside.”
Vienna shuddered but she never had plans to do anything rash anyways.
“Vienna Fable, DO you know why you are here?” The Judge begin as he shifted through papers. His name was Theodore Winslow. It was a nice name.
“I am here for trying to see my child, your Honor.” She spoke respectably but firmly back.
“You trespassed on another person’s property, Miss Fable.” Judge Winslow raised his eyebrows at her. “But that is not why you are here.”
The uncertainty of her situation began to weigh heavily on her and she swayed from lack of food and sleep.
With a look of alarm Skullduggery caught her as she fell and eased her into a chair. Both Skullduggery and the judge looked at each other with the same thought. Could it be that she was not the threat they had first thought her to be?
Judge Winslow weighted till Vienna was focused again then continued quickly.
“You have been brought to me instead of to our sanctuary as was first ordered. You can thank Detective Pleasant for that.” He nodded to the detective. “It would not have gone well for you if you had been brought before the council.”
I don’t understand!” Vienna cried out puzzled, alarmed by the seriousness that she could sense underneath the surface of the conversation.
“For the last several weeks reports from many in our community gave reports that a new powerful sorcerer was in the area, someone who could compel them to do something outside of their will.”
The judge was looking at her as if expecting a confession. She shook her head bewildered.
“I have no idea what is happening. What has this to do with me?”
Skullduggery stepped in then with a respectful nod to the judge.
“If you would allow me, you’re Honor. I could help to ah….clarify what you are getting at.”
“Go ahead.” Judge Winslow nodded.
“There has been a new magic felt among all the citizens of this area that only those with magic can hear and feel.” Skullduggery explained smoothly. “It is a deep magic that has not been around for a long time. It rides on the voice carried by the wind. We traced this magic to you Miss Fable.”
He paused to look at her.
“But I don’t understand!“ she protested. “All I have done was sing to my child.”
Again the two man exchanged looks and Vienna felt uncomfortable.
“How long have you been able to do magic, Miss Fable?” The judge asked.
“I first felt it a little over nine months ago.” She answered truthfully. “But I didn’t really see anything visible till the first night I snuck back to see my child.”
“I ask because it seems to me that you are not aware of the effects of your magic. You have the power to use your voice to compel people to do what ever you desire them to do. They lose all control as you take over.”
“I never meant to!” Vienna cried out in alarm. “What happened to these people?”
”Some of them felt compelled to sleep while attending dinner. Others, mostly husbands felt compelled to act benevolently towards their spouses.”
“Nothing wrong with that.” She grumbled.
“No. Except the fact it was not their choice to do so.” Skullduggery interjected.
“Such magic is unauthorized by the sanctuary to use, Miss Fable. But I don’t believe you meant any harm.” The Judge told her.” But the fact remains that you did use it and the Sanctuary council demands that a judgment be made.”
Vienna listened fearfully but lifted her chin determinedly. “I will NEVER stop seeing my child!”
“I, Judge Theodore Winslow do hereby proclaim Miss Vienna Fable guilty of using magic without the permission of the Irish Sanctuary. Her sentence will be work release in favor of jail. She is assigned to work at the bookstore, The Broken Spine under the direction of Niall Montblanc.”
The judge hammered down his mallet then gut up abruptly.
“Good luck Miss Fable. I expect to see you here one month from today to see how your progress is coming along.”
“Progress?” She muttered as she stood while the Judge left the room.
Skullduggery gestured towards the door.  “If you would, please step outside and wait for your ride.”
Bemused she moved to follow his orders. She did not get very far when a tall figure entered in with great hast.
“Wait!” he spoke panicked then stopped when he saw the Judge had already left. “Dammit. I’m too late!”
But then he paused and looked intently in her eyes even as Skullduggery spoke.
”Relax Elysium. Do you really think I would let her go to jail?” The detective coked his head as he looked at his young friend. “Why do you think I called you in the first place?”
“What do you mean?” Vienna wrapped her arms around herself for comfort.
”You are coming with me.” The man, Elysium spoke gruffly as he turned away slightly, suddenly a little bashful. “I have a place where you can stay. Many others with magical abilities reside there as well. I had one of my staff, Lucky Jack prepare you a room today.”
“But I don’t even know you.” She shook her head in wonder at the situation that seemed too good to be true.
“Me?” He looked startled at the thought that not everyone knew him. “Why, I’m Israel Elysium, your new best friend!”


  1. Awww~ Vienna gets another chance...! But what about Ophelia! :(

    Fastastic writing as usual, Kallista! :3

  2. I love it, Kal! I'm so excited to see what happens next. Poor Vienna, but she does get another chance, like Mar said!

    Also hoping that Ophelia is alright.

    Brilliant, Kal!

  3. YAY~ Things are looking up for Miss Vienna! :D Can't wait for more!

    Great job! *hugs*

  4. Wow! Fantastic, Kallista!
    Really, this piece of writing leaves you hanging for more.
    I'm glad that things are brightening for Vienna!

    Once again, A masterpiece, Kal!


  5. Awesome Kal! Loving it! And I'm glad Vienna gets another chance. Also, that is a really cool power ;)

  6. That is a very interesting gift - I like it. Glad Vienna is in a better situation. Now, let's break into the mansion and get her baby.

  7. Oh my love! *beams happily* Phenomenal writing! Such heart and soul! I am so glad Vienna got a seconf chance. I hope Ophelia does too!

    You are just awesome! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!

    We must all get Derek to read this story.

  8. ~laughs~
    That ending was awesome.
    I loved the whole story! Last post too!
    You're a really fantastic writer! I so love your stories. :D
    I hope Vienna will be ok