Thursday, February 9, 2012

Vienna Fable part 2

Sitting in the small jail cell was not the worst thing that had ever happened to Vienna Fable.  No, indeed she had already lived through the worst moments in her life.
The jail cell was more of a pleasant shelter for her; better then she had the last few weeks.
Recalling those weeks made her wince. But as she had nothing better to do while waiting to hear what her fate would be, she let the memories come. They flooded over her, vivid in every detail as if she was living through them again.
She could still remember the day she fled from her home in tears. Her family, prominent in both the magical world and the mortal world considered her an outcast, the black sheep of the family because she held no magic. Bearing under the constant disapproval and growing hate of her relatives had left her weak and in despair. At the tender age of seventeen she had fled from her ancestral home, unable to bear the burden of her shame. A period of darkness descended over her for several years as she shed her identity and took up a new taken name.  Burying the old one she was able to gather up enough strength to look for a job. One thing that she had going for her was her looks. Hired on at a bakery she found a craft that best suited her. Trained in the art of creating delicious edible works of art, the cakes she made began to gain renown. It was during that time she had meet HIM.
Meeting Bill Sutherland had seemed like the best thing that could ever happen to her. His smile was so sweet and gentle, something she was not familiar with but found she enjoyed.
Charm is a deceitful thing. It can be used by anyone no matter the gender, age, or social standing. Falling for his charm had led her to her greatest downfall, but had also brought her the greatest joy.
Even now thoughts of her little Ophelia warmed her and brought a smile to her weary face. Even the pains of birth did not dampen her joy. She would have gone through anything for this gift from heaven.
From the first moment she had sensed signs of life from deep within her, she had felt also the stirrings of a magic bubbling up and forth like a powerful force yet gentle as well. This she kept to herself as she lived with the contempt of a mother in law who despised the young upstart that threatened her family heritage of privilege. The joy of expecting a child carried her through the disillusionments of married life. Everyday she would whispers words of reassuring love to her child.
When the labor pains came, she found she could smile ever through the agony. Unlike other mothers going through labor, her delivery was short. But that also made the pain more intense for it never let up.
The attending doctor had been the only one kind to her as she screamed in pain and fought down the bile that rose up inside her.
Speaking firmly but gently he and the nurse kept on eye on her progress telling her to resist the urge to push. It was not yet time.  When the time came to push, she put all her focus into it. Sharp pain ripped her apart and she screamed.
“Stop pushing.” The doctor had instructed while keeping a calm voice. But she watched him closely through pain filled watery eyes.
Frantic the doctor and nurse busied themselves with tools to perform an episiotomy. He explained calmly what he was going to do. She nodded. Whatever it took to get her child out safely.
He cut then told her to push again. She did and screamed as she ripped apart all the way.  Her child was whisked away by the nurse as the doctor worked quickly to repair her. Arms aching to hold her child she waited patiently for the nurse to finish cleaning off the infant.
But that never happened. Star Sutherland came in and took one cold look at the child.
“It’s a girl.” She said with voice dripping in disdain.
Bill had followed his mother in and a look of pure disappointment fell across his noble face.
The two begin talking in loud whispers. She could hear every word.
“Bill, you know what you have to do now.” Star looked at her son. “Having a male child was your last chance of becoming the heir of your father’s fortune.”
Bill looked frustrated and upset. “What do you want me to do mother?”
Star cast a cold glance back at Vienna who lay there helpless and weak.
“You must get rid of her. It is your only chance. Your father lies in his bed and even now is writing to change the will.” Star spoke smoothly her voice cold. “You must remarry from our own kind or else our family fortune will go to your cousin Richard.”
”Dash it all!” Bill had seethed. But not about getting rid of his wife. The thought of his rival cousin getting what belonged rightfully to him was more then he could handle. “Fine. We get rid of the girl. But what of the child?”
“Oh, we will keep the child.” Star smiled. “We are not without heart after all and she does have some Sutherland blood in her. There is hope for her yet.”
Only the doctor had protested the removal of the young mother from her bed, her wounds just having been stitched up.  But his mild protests fell on deaf ears.
Vienna Fable was tossed out into the streets with no place to go. At first she had felt nothing as she has stumbled away in a daze. But then later as she huddled in a dark alley way shivering, the shocking numbness wore off to be replaced by a burning humiliation and the NEED to get back to her child. Desperation had pushed back the pain and weariness that plagued her. With luck that seemed rare to her, she had found some old close strung on a clothing line, rejected by the owner. Snatching the items from the line, she quickly put on the faded ripped sweatpants and sweatshirt. Regretfully she had not found anything for her feel. But it did not matter much to her as she went forthwith a set purpose in her heart and mind. Nothing would keep her from her daughter.
A clanging noise brought her back to the present, back to the little cell that housed her.
Bleary eyed she looked up to see the Skeleton detective. He had opened up her cell door.
“Come with me.” He said curtly. “The judge is waiting to see you.”

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  1. This writing is incrdeible my love. It is beautifully descriptive and has such soul in it.
    Such an emotive story my love. You make us feel the pain and joy of Vienna brilliantly.