Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Great Tree of Avalon: A Valentine's Day Gift for my Octaboona

This is for you Octa. I love you and cannot begin to tell you how much you mean to me.
I will do my best though everyday. I will love you forever!

This story takes place when Kallista is just 14 and has been taken under the care of Israel Elysium.

She sat with her back against the tree, it's rough bark solid and hard proved to be a needed support and comfort to her. Tears still lingered on her face, half dried from her run when she fled the great house. Fog had blinded her but she didn't notice the pain in her heart so great. Needing solace and a friend who would care, her flight lead her to this tall mysterious tree. Old and ancient it's tall heavy branches hung over her, shielding her.
Her long black hair splayed across the dark of the wood as she leaned back, blue eyes closed in dipair. Bruises covered her pale beautiful face and cuts lay bleeding on her delicate looking hand that had a secret strength.
Out from behind the mysterious tree, stepped a young man dressed royally in purple. Even though he was young, wisdom had taken root in his heart and his eyes shown with compassion.
“Young girl, why are you crying?” He asked gently but kept a respectful distance. “Why are you covered in wounds? A princess such as you should be treated only with care.”
At the sound of the most beautiful voice she had ever heard, the girl snapped awake and studied him carefully. But she could find no hint of threat. Only a soft gentle patience as the young man waited for an answer.
“I am no princess.” She replied carefully. “ I am just a pupil who is studying the martial arts. I am a ninja in training.”
His eyes widened in brief surprise and interest.
“I have heard of this fighting style.” He remarked. “It has been introduced to me and those who I serve by some foreign merchants from the far east. I find it most remarkable but it is to violent for me. How is it that a young girl should be allowed to practice such a trade?”
The girl stood up in one fluid motion, years of training having it's desired effects. Calmly she wiped the dirt of her uniform as she puzzled over his speech.
“You say you have only just heard of this fighting style? Strange.” She kept her voice neutral but was drawn to this man yet suspicious. “This is an ancient art that has been practiced by many around the world. I am one of the best.”
She raised her chin proudly, not to brag but to state what she had earned after discovering and building on her talent.
“Where are you from?” She did not mean to be rude. She was merely full of curiosity.
He saw the honesty of her question and could not help but smile as dawning of realization took hold and made him look at the tree again.
“Before I answer that, may I ask you what year it is and where this place is?”
“It's the year 2010 and we are in Ireland of course.” She answered puzzled.
He laughed delighted as he twirled gracefully under the tree, his hands opened wide. He spoke a word. Suddenly the tree was alive with a host of fireflies, their light bathing the tree in a magical glow.
“Do you not feel it?” He asked in rising excitement. “We are in a place of unlimited magic! We are standing under the Great Tree of Avalon!”
The young girl did feel it then. Her sadness leaving and the numbness ebbing away a warm sense of power took it's place, drifting through her like a gentle breeze.
“The Great Tree of Avalon ?”
She had heard of Avalon before. But many of Avalon legends and were lost to her. No one had ever taught her anything about it. She was mystified.
The man understood, though faintly disappointed in whoever instructed the girl. Somethings were never meant to be forgotten.
“The Great Tree of Avalon is one of the first trees ever created. It holds power and magic beyond anything anyone can imagine.” He begins as he stood still beside the tree, his hands folded behind his back wit ease.
The fireflies continued to dance and light up the space as the man in purple went on with his tale.
“This great tree can transcend time and space. In other words, it can be in one area in the world during one time period. Yet it also can appear in another part of the world in another time.” The man flashed her a smile. “Those who are lucky enough to stumble upon the tree when it makes it's appearance are often given gifts of great value. Once you have found the tree there is a bond that you share with it. You will be able to find it again.”
The girl nodded, fascinated with what she heard. Still she had many questions.
“I am telling you all this because firstly, You should know know about things of this nature. Secondly, you asked where I came from. Before I told you that, I needed to make sure you knew the incredible story of this great tree!” He paused and looked at the tree which now showed it was teaming with life and magic. Tiny creatures with wings like butterflies shyly peaked around from behind the leaves, eyeing the two strange beings below them.
“Faeries!” The girl cried delighted. “So beautiful!”
“Indeed they are.” The man agreed softly, giving the girl another scrupulous look. “They are common in the time period I am from.”
The girl found she was sad to hear the hint that he was from another time. She felt a pull towards him that she could not deny. It was something that begged to be looked into and explored. But if indeed what this man said was true, the probabilities of her seeing him again were slim.
“Where are you from then, and from what place?” She braved on looking down, pretending she didn't care.
He bowed gallantly before her and answered more then what she asked.
“I am Octaboona Ambrosius. I am currently serving the Pharaoh Akhenaten and his Egyptian Empire.”
She snapped her head up in surprise and looked at his wide eyed.
“But that was so long ago!” She gasped. “I was hoping you would be a bit more close to my time. Will I ever see you again?”
He laughed quietly finding himself charmed by this strange yet charming and beautiful warrior maiden. She was already so young. In his head he calculated how old he would have to be if he were fortunate enough to live till her time. 7 millennium.
It is possible. As I said before, once The Tree has revealed itself to you, it will show it's self again. There are many things that will remain a mystery about the Great Tree of Avalon. But this is one fact I know. It has been documented by some colleagues of mine.”
“Well, you are here now with me. Can you stay here in my time?” The girl asked.
No. I'm afraid that is one limitation of the tree. It's not really a time travel device.” Octaboona smiled. “While we are under the tree we are in a place free from time and space. But once we leave the tree, we are back in our time and environment from which we came.”
Then I hope I will find this place again.” The girl smiled for the first time in a while.
Will you do me the honor of telling me your name?” Octaboona smiled.
My name is Kallista Pendragon. I am fourteen years old and a student of several sorcerers residing in Elysium Manor.”
Kallista Pendragon.” Octaboona rolled the name on his tongue. “It is a beautiful name, a name of a princess. Are you sure you are not royal?”
“I would like to think so.” She smiled. “But to tell the truth, I don't know any thing about my family. My sister was the only family I have known and she is gone now.”
Octaboona moved towards her carefully not wanting to frighten her.
Is that why you were crying earlier?” He asked gently.
I was not crying!“ She turned a red angry face away, trying hard to look tough.
Octaboona sighed inwardly. Instructors in the martial arts had a nasty misguided habit of stripping away the humanity of their young pupils. It was considered weak to show signs of tears.
It was so very wrong. He hoped that this girl would never lose the heart she had.
Of course you were not crying.“ He bowed as he smiled. He would try to be a friend in whatever ways he could. “But if you would like to talk, I will listen.”
Kallista looked at him and saw he was sincere.
Thank you.” She nodded.
She took a deep breath and set down again. Octaboona set next to her and listened to a lonely young girl who was in the world on her own.
Later when Kallista left the beautiful tree, she felt much lighter in heart. Something else stirred there that she was not familiar with. It was a gentle but growing feeling that made her want to laugh then cry at the same time and be with Octaboona again.
At the edge of the tree's overhanging branches, she turned and waved goodbye once more. She would see him again. This she vowed. But as she ran back to Elysium manor, the tree disappeared and with it her memory faded then lay hidden in an undiscovered part of her mind.


  1. Such a beautiful and wonderful tale, Kallista!


    I love it!

  2. Oh my love! *hugs her tightly and kisses tenderly*
    This is a fabulous story my dear! IT IS BRILLIANT AND EPICA AND WONDERFUL!

    Such a beautiful and elegant idea and your very words are full of magic and splendour.

    I am deeply touched by this tale.

    I love you.

  3. Epical Kal!!!!! :D very creative, and just utterly brill as usual!

    (and guess what!!! i posted another story part! has been a while...)

    Ciao for now!

  4. Oh wow, oh wow!

    This was gripping! I could barely take my eyes off of it. Even when I had finished I just stared, transfixed, waiting for more words to magically appear on the page! But sadly, they did not, and the tale of a fourteen-year-old Kal was left... tragic.

    I cannot believe you made her forgot! It was magnificent ending, truly a tragic romance.

    I loved the Great Tree of Avalon, with it's bursting with joy and magic and wonderfulness, and the faeries!

    Oh wow, Kal, this is amazing. *stares at it in awe*

    *stares at you in awe*

    You, Queen, are truly amazing.

  5. Beautiful :')

    It was wonderful. You never cease to amaze me with your writing, honestly, Kal :D


  6. Aw! That was really fantastic! it's sad, but beautiful and wonderful and exciting as well :D
    I hope we get to read more about it all soon! I always really enjoy your writing, Kal!