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Kallista stood on the edge of a grassy green hill. She blinked her eyes in the warm sunlight and looked up. A single oak tree stood tall and proud against the brilliant blue sky. It's branches full and green stretched over the hill. A girl in a flowing white dress stood up there next to the tree, her back turned to Kallista. A familiar sense of longing washed over her as she recognized the slender form so similar to her own.
"Kalliope" The name slipped from her lips in a whisper yet the girl seem to hear.
She turned to face Kallista, her eyes kind and loving as she looked at her sister.
"Kalliope! I've missed you so much!" Kallista burst out joyfully.
But as she went to move up the hill to join her sister she found she could not move.
Kalliope watched with a sad smile on her face.
"Kalliope! What's happening?" Kallista cried out in panic as she tried to move, but could not. "HELP ME!"
Kalliope only shook her head and spoke gently. "It's not your time yet sister."
"What do you mean? Tell me!"
But the hill with her sister seem to shrink and fade before her eyes.
"Live Kallista and please be happy."
The last words of her sister seemed to echo in her mind as she began to wake up. Tears escaped her eyes as she realized it was just a dream.
"Oh! She's waking up" A female voice said from close by.
Kallista recognized Skyril's Southern accent as she opened her eyes.
The first thing she saw was Darkane's face just inches away.
"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!"  Kallista screamed and sat  up quickly knocking heads with Darkane.
Darkane cried out and fell back clutching her head.
"Crap Kallista!" 
Kallista flopped back on her pillow writhing in pain and holding her own head. She could hear the laughter of Dragona and Sarthacus as she gritted her teeth against the pain.
"Maybe we aught to clear the room and give Kallista a moment to get her bearings." Israel suggested with a barely concealed smile.
He turned towards her with relief in his eyes.
"I'm glad to see you.......awake."
She saw then that most everyone she knew was in the room with her. Looking around, she  recognized the room as the one Bridget had been in before. She was back at Kenspeckle's.
"Bridget!" Kallista sat back up suddenly and groaned as the pain hit her again.
"Kallista, sweetheart. I really recommend you not do that." Nicolette said with obvious sweetness, amusement in her voice.
Kallista would have laughed has she not been hurting so much and worried about her friend.
"I'm fine." The source of her worries said as she came into the room.
Kallista caught her breath as she looked at Bridget. Her vampire friend looked completely normal again. Well, normal for a vampire. All traces of the suffering that Bridget had gone through where gone.
"Wow! You are all better! But how?" Kallista sputtered joyfully, forgetting her own injuries.
"I think it was your blood that cured her." Kenspeckle said as he came into the room.
He carried with him a box of strange looking equipment.
"You have yummy blood." Bridget spoke up matter of factly as she sat on a chair close by. "Can I have some more?"
"Bridget!" Skylara scolded, shocked as Kallista struggled not to laugh.
"What! I'm teasing!" Bridget protested innocently. "Look. She knows I'm teasing!"
Kenspeckle sighed as he put down his package.
"This is just some things I need for some research I'm doing." He explained to Kallista when he saw she was curious. "I just need to keep it hidden from Clarabelle for a while. She keeps trying to build this strange contraption for her marble set."
Kenspeckle shook his head as Kallista tried to keep from smiling.
"I know that as long as I put my things in here that Clarabelle will not get into it. She won't come in this room."
Kallista was about to ask why but then saw the reason for herself.
Lillivale and Necros stood on the other side of the room and pretended not to know what Kenspecle meant.
"Now. More importantly. We need to clear the room so Miss Pendragon can get her rest." Kenpeckle informed them as he began checking her vitals.  
"Right." Israel nodded as he stood up straight. Kallista was quick to pick up the silent signal he gave with his eyes to the others. Something was up. "We have some things to do elsewhere."
As he moved to leave he looked at her, serious. "Kallista. I want you to stay here for the next few days. Even when you start to feel better, I don't want you to leave. This is not a request."
Incredulous she looked back at him unable to speak. Her other friends filed out of the room giving her sympathetic looks as they left. Bridget gave her another odd look before leaving. Kallista was starting to get used to it.
"I'm feeling better now!" She retorted, looking back at Israel defiantly.
"No, you're not!" Both Israel and Kenspeckle spoke at the same time.
Kenspeckle pushed her back down on the bed gently.
"You will stay here until I determined you are OK." Kenspeckle said mildly, ignoring her flushed face. "You are my patient and will do as I say."
"You almost died, Kallista. It's a miracle you didn't." Israel said a bit calmer as he nodded his thanks to Kenspeckle. "We will be back later and we can talk more then."  
She started to protest as he walked out of the room but Kenpeckle laid a hand on her arm and motioned for her to keep quiet.
Curious, she did as he bade.
"There is something I have to share with you Kallista." He said quietly once they were alone. "I wanted to tell you before I share it with Skulduggery and Israel, and I wil have to share it with them."
Kallista started to feel alarmed again.
"What is it?" She whispered nervously.
"I don't know how to say this, but you are not untirelly human." He answered softly.
"What? Is this some sort of joke?" She asked, giving a little laugh. "Or are you telling me that I'm....a vampire?"
"No!" He said hastily, reassuring her. "I was able to keep that from happening to you, thank God! No. It's something else."
He turned aside then and rubbed his head as if it hurt. SHe leaned forward as he muttered something under his breath.
"Octaboona?" She asked puzzled. "What's an octaboona? Is it something to do with me?"
"Crap." Kenspeckled cursed silently at himself. "I didn't mean to say that out loud."
He stood then and moved over by the window.
"Octaboona is a person." Kenspeckle said shortly. "That's all I want to say on that matter. As to who exactly you are; we are going to have to ask for Skulduggery's help in this. For as long as I have been around and have learned many things over the years; there is still so much more I still need to know."
He looked at her then and his gazed softened.
"There is no reason to feel frightened by this." He said gently. "You are special. Because of you, Bridget is still alive. I could not find a cure. But you were the cure. You have much more than human magic in you and I will do my best to find out who exactly you are." 
"And I will try not to feel like a circus freak." She muttered under her breath as Kenspeckle left.
Of course he would find this exciting, she thought dourly to herself.
"Scientist!" She cursed. "He's probably going to want to dissect me!"
Then she threw back her blankets, pulling out her I.V as she got out of the hospital bed.
"I'm just fine." She spoke out loud even though no one was there. "I'll show them I'm just fine."
She found her clothes and quickly got dressed, hoping her comrades had not left yet. Cautiously she stuck her head out the door to make sure Kenspeckle was not around.
"Sorry, Kenny." She quipped to herself. "But you will have to find some one else to dissect."
She grabbed her Samurai sword and walked down the hallway then out the door.
They were still there much to her relief. She walked into the big room with a challenge in her gaze.
"Kallista!" Came a surprised voice.
She turned and met the astonished gaze of Nicolette.
"Hi, Nicolette!" She called back cockily.
Israel stood there for a moment looking at her, expressionless. Then all of a sudden he was there with a sword in his hand and swinging it down towards her.
Reacting quickly she blocked the blow then jumped back. She was about to tell him off but he was there again with the blade expertly coming at her.
"That was clumsy, Kallista!" He spoke, his voice hard.
Her eyes widened as he continually swung at her with all his might driving her back.
Even though she blocked every blow she could not strike him back. No one spoke as they watched the battle of wills unfold before them. But it was clear who would win. Suddenly, Kallista's sword was knocked from her hand. At the same time her leg betrayed her and buckled. Even as she fell forwards Israel's blade was there at her throat. She closed her eyes in defeat, humiliation written all over her pale face. Tears escaped her eyes as her body protested and shook with exhaustion. Still, no one said anything for a moment.
Israel stepped back and released Kallista from the sword's threat.
"You can join us again the day you can beat me, Kallista." Israel said calmly and turned away.
The others followed silently and did not look at Kallista. They all left except for one.
Necros came and picked Kallista up off the floor.
"Foolish Kallista." He sighed as he carried her back to Kenspeckle's. "Pride is a good thing. Why must you use it against us?"
Up till that point she had refused to look at him. But his words puzzled her. She did not understand.
Kenspeckle burst out just as Necros reached the door. His eyes stared accusingly at Kallista's and she turned away, laying her head against Necros' strong shoulder unable to take the disappointment she saw there. Necros walked silently pass and went to the room she had occupied before.
"Please stay here this time." Necros implored her as he knelt beside her. "Israel didn't want anyone to say anything at this time. But I feel you have a right to know. Israel,! We all feel that you have been specifically targeted by someone. Until we know who it is and until you are better, you must stay here!"
When she still didn't speak to him, he sadly gave her hand a friendly squeeze and left. Kenspeckle clucked over her disapprovingly the whole time he reevaluated her. She paid him no mind. All she knew was that now her companions had left to go on a mission and she was left behind. All because she was weak. All because she was powerless. Moving to the window, she gazed out and stared blindly at nothing. It was not until something moved out of the corner of her eye did she realize someone was outside. And they where looking right back at her! Heartbeat racing she stepped back in alarm. Necros' words of warning still echoed in her ears. Cautiously to took another look out the window and to her amazement, saw she was looking at someone who resembled herself!  
Forgetting about the warnings, she walked out of her room and outside as if spellbound. She moved up to the person and looked at him more closely. He gazed back with a kindly expression. The same sonic boom she had felt before went through her once again. She teetered on her feet, dizzy and weak. The stranger steadied her.
"You!" She cried out. "It was you I saw that day in the forest and....Who are you?"
The handsome stranger bowed elegantly before her.
"I, Kallista Pendragon, am your brother." He said with a voice as smooth as silk. "And I have been looking for you for some time."


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  14. ...

    I had one helluva night, last night.

    You all know freakin why?

    Because, I had, for the first time in my life, to try and convince someone not to commit suicide.

    I am fifteen years old in July. I am told that I'm very good with helping others with problems.

    But never,


    Should I have had to endure that at 12 o'clock at night.

    Dont make him even think about it again, Kallsita. I was scared, as they say, shitless. Him, over at the other end of they world, casually typing up that it was no use living without you, and that he wasn't just depressed, he was 'destroyed'.

    And I couldn't do anything. He kept bringing it up and I kept trying to tell him that death is never the easy way out of things, and that I was sure you'd come back soon, and you were most-likely just asleep. He wasn't buying that. He was well and truly ready to pull that trigger.

    My point is, next time something like this happens, I want you to be absolutely clear about what's happening. Leave a note saying that you've gone to bed and will talk about more things tomorrow, or that you just need some time to yourself and you don't want him doing anything stupid while you're away.
    Because I had failed last night. I had failed at something that a proper councilor should be looking at. I am 14 years old, and I was thrust into a desperate attempt to stop him from it. And I couldn't. Within a week, he had said that he'd probably be dead.
    And then I 'ran'. I told him to shutup, to stop talking about it. All because his mind was set on killing himself and I could stop it.
    I am not mad at you. Do not get the wrong impression here. I am glad that you stepped in when you did. So if you reply to this message, there is going to be no apologies on your part, no putting yourself down, no saying that you're a coward.
    None of that.
    Because, Kallista Pendragon, the truly beautiful blogger and person, I want you to know that we are all your friends. And always will be. I'm not sure if there is anything you could do or say that would break this friendship among the bloggers. Heck, if you broke into the Vault and entered my family chamber thing, (you know, like digging up someone's grave, pulling out the body and then rifling through the pockets and THEN dancing on the whole thing?) then all I would do would congratulate you for getting past the vampires :P

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  20. unruly dark curly brown hair,
    startling bright blue eyes,
    5'2" very young looking,
    weapon broad sword
    karate expertish,
    very friendly almost always or very mean when she needs to be almost scary mean,
    loves to fight chop people up always wants to use her sword,
    spaces out a lot when shes off duty
    loves to draw and write and sing she doesn't look like she would be able to take down a weakling but she can take down a whole army with her swords
    Also does necromancy
    keeps her past to herself