Thursday, December 23, 2010

Part 4

The smile dropped from Necros' face and the glow began to fade from his eyes, changing from electric blue to a more hazel appearance. He muttered sharply under his breath and looked around in disgust. Lillivale was not looking much happier.
"Is this all there is?" Necros questioned, disappointed.
"Not much of a fight." Lillivale observed, exasperated. "Not worthy of my skills."
"Nor mine." Necros added tightly, sneering at the two Remnants. "let's go back and practice some more."
"Yeah. Sounds good." Lillivale replied with a shrug, then turned towards his comrades nonchalantly. "You guys can handle this, right?"
"Yeah! We'll be fine!" Skyril drawled cheerfully in her honey toned southern accent. "You two go on ahead!"
"We will join you later for afternoon tea." Miss Mary replied dryly in her elegant voice. But she wasn't looking at either Necros or Lillivale. She was looking on with amused contempt at the Remnants.
The two Remnant possessed people stood still for a moment. Then the first one stepped forward and screamed.
"You think we are outnumbered? You think we are weak? We've brought friends, too!"
"We won't be so easily defeated, you fools!" The other one spat.
"Alright!" Lillivale cheered up and turned back towards them with enthusiasm. "The more, the merrier!"
Necros also turned back with eager expectation, weapons held at defense position.
"Bring it on!" Florence snarled fiercely. "Nobody calls me a fool and gets away with it!"
The Remnents made a strange whistling sound that echoed throughout the building.
"What was that?" Sarthacus stepped back in disbelief and cocked his head. "Did you just whistle for help?"
"Just like the dogs they are." Dragona answered, with narrow eyes and a mocking smile as he observed the enemy. "The question is: Should we wait for the reinforcements and give them a sporting chance? Or should we attack now?"
"Attack NOW!" Roared Florence as she rushed up to the Remnants, swinging her two swords in a wide ark.
"Of course." Dragona shook his head knowingly, then went to back up Florence.
Kallista watched calmly from where she stood as Necros and Lillivale moved back outside to wait for the quickly advancing Remnant army. The two Remnants inside were slowly coming to the conclusion that the bodies they had chosen were not quite up to the task of fighting, nor even up to defending themselves.
"We need to find another body!" The first on hissed quietly at the other one, barely able to dodge the blow Florence gave.
The second one agreed without saying anything, but looked around desperately in between dodging Dragona, Florence, and Darkane's onslaught.
They spied Kallista sitting at a table appearing calm as if unaware of what was happening around her. She sipped on her tea once more then stood up gracefully and moved towards the door.
"I want that one!" The first one spat to his partner.
"Her? She's just a girl!" The other one sneered.
"Anybody is better then this one!" The first one snapped.
"Then hurry and take her and come back and help me!"
Florence dropped back startled as the body of the man fell and a glowing orb rushed out of his mouth.  It whizzed above the heads of it's tormentors as it sought it's next victim. There she was! She was moving out of the door. It streaked after her and was almost to her when, Flash! A streak of light blinded it and then it was destroyed.
Kallista turned and smiled at Necros who whipped his sword around happily.
"Thanks for the warm up, Kallista." He said.
"My gift to you." She nodded.  "Congratulations on the first kill! You ready for more? Because here they come."
She pointed to her left and right where the Remnant possessed were marching up the street towards them, along with a few other unsavory adversaries
"Vampires! " Necros observed. "Cool."
Inside Florence was doing a victory dance having just given the finishing blow to the second Remnant.  
"Alright, everybody! Party's out here now!" Lillivale called to them.
Without waiting, he rushed forwards and to the left then leapt up high over the heads of the possessed and vampires, landing in the middle. With a wicked fierceness he began taking them down using his bamboo stick and a block of steal, moving so fast he was almost hard to see.  Necros took the right side. His eyes began to glow an electric blue with a crimson hue. Before Kallista could blink, he disappeared with  flicker and teleported himself in the middle of his enemies, his katana starting to make short work of the Remnants.
The backlash of their power stirred up a forceful wind that blew Kallista's hat off her head. She raised her arms to protect herself against the debris that swirled around.
"The left side or the right?" Israel said to himself as he walked by her without stopping. Power rolled of him like waves.
"If you want a piece of the action, you better move quick." Mary warned as she walked beside him. "There is not going to be much left once those two are done."
She pointed to either side where Necros and Lillivale were.
"No worries." Israel said coolly. " Here comes a fresh batch of vampires."
"Well then," Mary cocked her head. "I'll take the right side."
"Sounds good to me." Israel replied and ran to join Lillivale, shooting at both Remnants and vampires with his double-barrel sawed off shotgun. His expert marksmanship found it's target every time he shot, killing instantly.
Kallista turned her head to see Florence and Skyril taking on a smaller group of remnants. Nicolette and Skylara were betting on who would finish their fight first; Necros or Lillivale.
"I say Necros!" Skylara said.
"Lillivale all the way!" Nicolette said at the same time.
"Fine." Skylara agreed, punching a stray remnant. "You owe me twenty bucks if Necros finishes first."
"Likewise." Nicolette replied finishing off the unlucky remnant. "If Lillivale is first."
"Fifty bucks to me if if they finish at the same time!" Kallista added from where she stood.
"Done!" Nicolette and Skylara said at the same time.
"One hundred bucks if those three actually join in with the fighting." Dragona muttered to Sarthacus as they fought back to back against vampires.
"Dream on, Dragona. They don't fight because they are intimidated by our manly strength!" Sarthacus teased. Kallista's eyes widened as he actually stopped fighting for a moment to strike a pose.
"Did I just hear that?" Skylara glared over at them.
Her silver eyes turned yellow as she ran towards them changing into a large beautiful wolf in mid leap. She viciously fought the vampires, killing them easily with her teeth and claws. Then she glared at Sarthacus who stood there and grinned at her. Reaching up her paw she tapped him.
"Don't get me going, Mister! I can beat you any day!"
"I'll let you go on believing that." he teased.
Nicolette found herself suddenly busy with fleeing remnants, falling away from both Necros' and Lillivale's groups. Leo joined her after electrifying a half dozen vampires that he had been wrestling with. The charred remains littered the ground. His hands buzzing with electricity he sent bolt after bolt into fleeing remnant, destroying them.
"Ah! There's nothing quite so exhilarating as killing vampires and remnants!" He breathed with a gleeful smile on his face.
The sunlight glinted off his ginger hair and his yellowish eyes shone brightly in the late Autumn afternoon.
"I agree!" Nicolette said with a smile as they surveyed their work.
Without thinking they slapped each others hands in a high five. Nicolette gave a little yelp as she clutch her hand to her. She stared at Leo whose face turned red.
He looked at his hand still glowing from the electricity. "Sorry....I forgot..."
Nicolette burst out laughing. "Don't worry about, Leo. It's no big deal."
Kallista smiled and turned her gaze from them back to see Mary effortlessly bringing down several vampires with her  Shaolin broadsword.  Everywhere she looked her friends were fighting. All except Bridget. Where was Bridget?
Then a shock ran through her like a sonic boom. She could feel something intense weighing on her making her feel weak. She turned to look at her comrades. But they appeared to not have felt anything.  Instinctively she looked to the woods and saw a lone figure dressed in a long dark cloak walking deeper into the trees. Strange, she thought as she moved cautiously forward. Who could it be? Bridget? Then a breeze rose up and blew the hood off the figure. The person chose that time to spare Kallista a lazy glance before going deeper into the woods. A face, the same as her own had looked at her! 

Kallista staggered and fell to the ground has reality lost it's hold on her. It was as if she were looking out of a long glass tube and viewing the world at a distance. She heard nothing, felt nothing. Just a numbness. For a moment she could do nothing but breath. Then all the pain and loneliness she had felt since the parting of her sister came rushing back and slamming into her like a freight train.
"KALLIOPE!" She screamed from the bottom of her tortured soul!
For a moment all fighting stopped as everyone turned and looked at her in astonishment. But she never noticed. She got unsteadily to her feet and ran with all the strength she had left,  into the woods after her long lost sister, who she had thought was dead!

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