Thursday, December 23, 2010

Part 2

Rain droplets ran down the window in rivulets  obscuring the view outside. Kallista leaned her forehead against the cool glass surface, trailing the droplets with her finger.  Behind her she could hear the voices of Skyril and Florence raised in discussion of which weapon was the better choice for fighting zombies; swords or daggers. Smiling slightly, she turned to face them. Where but here could one find such a discussion taking place? Certainly not in the normal routine of a regular mortal.
It had been over a year since Kallista joined the Irish magical community but it felt like she had been part of it forever.
Skyril was sitting back on a luxurious leather sofa, casually flipping and catching her daggers as she spoke. "Zombies are gross, Florence. Who wants to even get near them?" She wrinkled her pretty nose in disgust. "So you can see where daggers come in handy, now don't you?" She wore all black except for her deep purple gloves and the matching wide scarf wrapped around her slender waist.  Her purple highlights shimmered in contrast to her deep black hair.  She made a throwing movement as if to kill an imaginary zombie.
"Pow!" She smacked her lips. "That's all it takes to kill a zombie. Simple and effective."
But Florence was not having any of that. She stood intently over her friend waving a sword in front of Skyril's face.
"Yes, but this sword is much more powerful and can take out millions of zombies in ONE swipe!" Her long black hair also streaked with purple highlights, swung around her as she shook her sword again.
Skyril raised one eyebrow at the girl. "A million zombies, Florence?"
"OK, not a million. But still, a lot!" She insisted, her charcoal black eyes blazing.
She began to pace the room in her fishnet tights and knee high boots. Her checkered red and black skirt swirled around her graceful legs. 
"All you old people are alike!" She was saying as she gestured wildly. Kallista laughed as she looked at Skyril. The girl might be in her seventies, but she looked like a sixteen year old. Florence was interrupted by a deep booming sound followed closely by a medium sized quake.
Kallista had braced herself holding onto the wall, but Florence fell backwards with a little scream.
"Let me guess, Necros and Lillivale?" She asked sarcastically as she struggled to stand. Idly she blew several stray strands of black and purple hair from her eyes. "You could have told me!"
She glared accusingly at Skyril, who just smiled and ignored her.
"Sorry...we old people tend to have short memories" She replied demurely, fluttering her eyelashes innocently.
"Necros and Lillivale will be practicing their fighting techniques today." Kallista offered, hiding a smile.
"Gee, thanks Kallista!" Florence snapped as another quake rocked the room. "One would think you would be on my side seeing as we about the same age!"
"I'm on everybody's side." Kallista responded grandly, sweeping her hands wide.
They were interrupted by Clarabelle who came in sputtering and tripping over her feet in her hast. Another boom reverberated the room and Clarabelle screamed. She had always been frightened of both Necros and Lillivale and had always tried to be someplace else when they came for practice. Kenspeckle had designed a special arena for them in the basement of the building next door, to help contain the noise and sheer strength of the two men.
In the corner of the room sat Jodi Harte, listening to her ipod. Kallista noted with interest Jodi wore a pair of white skinny trousers and a pretty teal blouse.
Hmmm she must have had a successful day, Kallista thought to herself. Indeed, Jodi wore a pleased expression on her gorgeous face. She had black hair that framed that gorgeous face in a layered bob and rainbow colored clips in her hair. Her 3 inch heels tapped the rhythm of the song she was listening to. The practice sessions between Lillivale and Necros never seemed to faze her.
She remembered briefly the first time she had met Jodi. It had been ten months ago near China Sorrows' place. The most spectacular vehicle she had ever seen came roaring down the road. It was a Gumpert Apollo. The gleaming car slid to a stop and a sleek woman stepped out wearing colorful clothing with rainbow clips in her hair. She didn't even spare Kallista and Valkyrie a glance as she strode up to the door. Only a careless wave in Valkyrie's direction gave clue to a greeting.
"Jodi Harte." Was all Valkyrie said with a smile.
"I want that car." Was all Kallista could say.
Later she had managed to talk with Jodi Harte. It hadn't been easy but she had convinced Jodi she was worth talking to. Jodi Harte had become one of her first teachers in this new world of magic and had taught her other useful things as well. A smile played upon her face as she thought of the benefits she had reaped under Harte's tutelage. She glanced out of the window. There it was. Next to Harte's car was a silver and black Ninja Motorcycle.
She had shown up one day with it several months ago, surprising everyone.
"Nice ride." Evangeline Crow, another one of her friends had commented. "How did you get that?"
But she smiled her Mona Lisa smile and never told anyone. Across the room, Jodi had smiled smugly, pleased with her protegee.
A scream broke through her reverie bringing her back to the present. Kallista looked up and saw Clarabelle pressing herself to the wall, trying to escape the notice of the two men who strolled into the room. Necros and Lillivale were discussing the finer points of battle. Their voices mixing in with that of Skyril's and Florence. The men took no notice of Clarabelle. With a scream, Clarabelle ran from the room, past the three people who just walked in.
Dragona and Sarthacus took no notice, preoccupied with something of great importance. But Evangeline looked back at the fleeing figure of Clarabelle curiously.
"Huh! Must be Necros and Lillivale again." She mused as she turned back around. Then she caught sight of them. "I was right!" She gave a little laugh.
"Everyone!" Sarthacus called out. "I have a message from Skulduggery."
They all stopped what they were doing and looked at him. Even Jodi paid attention.  Kallista knew then it must be something important.
"There is trouble in a nearby town. Skulduggery can't get to it right now and needs our help."
"Great." Skyril spoke calmly as she stood up and put her daggers away. "When do we leave?"

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