Thursday, December 23, 2010

Part 1

 Silently Kallista knelt on the cold ground before the tomb. It was the only reminder that she once had a sister. A twin, the same in every way except personality. Kalliope had been outgoing and passionate. She had excelled in the arts; dancing, music, and art. Her gifts were meant for the world. So why was she dead?
All around her in the deep cover of the forest all was quiet. The perfect hiding place for her sister's grave. A twig crunching in the snow alerted her to another presence. She didn't have to turn around to see who it was.
"Detective Simmons." She acknowledged quietly without looking at him. "Why do you insist on following me?"
He sighed and looked down briefly before answering. His slightly graying hair betrayed his age of thirty nine years. But even though his face was starting to show signs of care, he possessed a certain dignified appearance. He was still considered handsome in a bookish sort of way.  His light colored jacket gave proof to his profession.
"Kallista. You know the answer to that. You are still underage and in need of proper care." He spoke gently.
She turned on him then, her blue green eyes blazing. "I was in the care of 'proper authority!'  You know what happened! My sister died under their care!"
"I know and I agree. It was a terrible tragedy. A great wrong." He tried again. "But not everyone are like those who are responsible for your sister's death. There are others who desire to help. Please trust me. I will let nothing harm you."
She gazed at him for a moment weighing his words, then smiled her Mona Lisa smile.
"I do believe you, Detective. But where I'm going, you cannot follow."
She turned and began walking away from him. Her long black coat swirling behind her in the winter wind.
"Stop Kallista!" Detective Simmons called out. "I don't want to have to arrest you, but by Law I am required to take you in for questioning over the school incident and put you in proper care!"
"Proper care?" She spoke softly over her shoulder. "You can't give me the proper care I need."
"But we can!" A strong voice came from no where.
Detective Simmons stepped back startled,  as a tall figure dropped down from the trees. A man with long black hair stood before him blocking the Detective's view of Kallista. The man was taller then the Detective, with long black hair pulled into a ponytail. He wore a black overcoat with gauntlets on his arms. He stared at Simmons intently and nodded once in greeting.
Two other figures dropped from the trees, a man and a girl. The man had dark brown hair and startling green eyes. He had on black jeans and a brown jacket that hung below the knees. Simmons was alarmed to see a holster strapped to the man's leg. The girl was quite a bit smaller then the other two. beautiful with purple streaked black hair, she studied him with lovely green eyes. She also wore black but had a beautiful purple scarf wrapped around her charmingly.
"Hi!" She called out in a slightly southern accent. "You don't need to worry about, Kallaista here. She'll be with us and so everything will be fine."
Without another word, the three people joined Kallista and they all disappeared in a flash. Bewildered, Simmons couldn't make himself move in time to stop them. They where all just to fast! Never in his career had he encountered a case like this. He didn't know what he was going to tell his superiors. Sighing he turned back and started back towards his car. It was pointless to try anything else today. But he wouldn't stop trying to find Kallista. After the school incident, she had become an overnight sensation. There would be others looking for her and they were not all good. He only hoped he could find her first and that those people he just saw where trustworthy and could help her.
Kallista was grateful for the assistance that Skulduggery had sent her. Necros had graciously let her hang on to his back as she could not keep up yet with the rest of them. She was free to look at her companions more freely. Both Skyril and Israel were having a private conversation as they ran next to each other. Skyril had told her earlier that there were others like her with magical abilities. She could scarcely believe it. Part of her looked forward to meeting them. The other part just wanted to be with her sister.
Kalliope had been gifted in the arts. Kallista had been gifted with magic and the martial arts. Kallista would have gladly given up her magic if that meant she could have her sister back.  Sighing, she leaned her head on Necros' back and closed her eyes.